A&S Group's Customer Care Event
"We Are Together"

A&S Group has decided to hold a customer-caring event "We Are Together" by donating disposable medical masks and IR handheld thermometers to all our new and old customers in the coming weeks.

At the beginning of the outbreak, China received assistance from various countries, and we are grateful for this. With the outbreak of the new

Coronavirus worldwide, and positive cases have been reported in nearly 200 countries and regions. The shortage of protective equipment (like protective masks and thermometers, etc.) has become a common problem in many countries and regions. The event is designed to help our clients ease their current situation.

A&S Group will be always together with our customers and we believe that we can use our limited strength to help each other through this difficult period. Through this event, our A&S Group want to tell every member that we can battle with the coronavirus.

Here are the guidelines for this event:

1.All customers placing orders since this week, can get 20 pieces of disposable medical masks and an IR handheld thermometer for free, if needed.

2.If you have ever traded with us before and need support on protective masks and thermometers, you can send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to provide you with 20 pieces of disposable medical masks and an IR handheld thermometer for free as well.

3.If you or your friend have bigger demand on the such protective materials, please let us know your detailed request and we will try our best to source accordingly for you here.

4.If you’d like help more people, you can also repost our event link on your social media platforms.

5.The shipping charges of all donated materials need to be paid by the receivers when collect.

Active products:

A&S Group is always together with you and believes through the united efforts of all people in the world, we’ll win the battle with the coronavirus and get back to normal work and life soon. We wish you safety and health!

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