Founded in 1962 in Spain, ESPA is a company specializing in the design, production, distribution and innovation of pumps, systems and water management equipment for the domestic and residential sector. Since its inception, ESPA has gained an international reputation for continuous innovation, service, and product quality.

ESPA Pumps include the following models,
* Tecno 15 Horizontal centrifugal multistage pump for water supply
* Multi 35N Vertical centrifugal multistage pump for water supply
* Wiper 3 Centrifugal single stage pump for water recirculation
* Acuaria 27 submersible monoblock centrifugal multistage pump for water supply

The PRISMA 25 horizontal centrifugal multistage pump for water supply extracts clean water for domestic, industrial, agricultural and horticultural purposes. It is suitable for applications such as water delivery, sprinkler or drip irrigation, household boosters or booster groups. It is quiet when working and features self-priming capability up to 2m.

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