Founded in 1972, REFCO is one of the world's leading suppliers of refrigeration products, focusing on the development, production and sale of HVAC/R products. REFCO offers a reliable product range and is the partner of choice for heating ventilation and air conditioning.

The products that REFCO can provide are mainly hoses, pressure gauges, vacuum pumps, suction devices, condensate pumps, as well as tools and parts required for installation.

REFCO Pumps include the following series,
* Condensate Pumps such as COMBI, GOBI II
* Vacuum Pumps such as RL-4, RL-8

COMBI condensate pumps are designed for systems from 6.000 BTU/h (1.75kW) to 120.000 BTU/h (35kW). The series features digital water sensors, universal voltage range and individually configurable flow rates that make COMBI the most powerful and quietest air conditioner condensate pumps on the market today.

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