Little Giant

The origins of Little Giant Pump Company can be traced back to 1941 and it is a large company producing pumps. The comprehensive line of Little Giant pumps includes a wide variety of versatile pumps that bring convenience to the lives of people around the world. In 2006, Franklin Electric acquired Little Giant Pump Co.

Little Giant Pumps include the following types,
* Condensate Removal & Drain Pumps
* Sump & Effluent Pumps
* Utility Pumps
* Sewage Pumps
* Specialty Pumps
* Chemical Transfer Pumps

Mildly Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pump 1-AA-MD Series is a magnetic drive pump that pumps mildly corrosive acids, bases, solvents, brines, electroplating solutions and other mildly corrosive chemicals and solutions compatible with the pump's material construction.

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