Torishima is a pump manufacturer founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan. The Torishima brand is built on reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction. Torishima's main products are: multi-stage pump, multi-stage turbo pump, horizontal high-pressure multi-stage feed pump, etc.

Torishima Pumps include the following series,
* End-suction pumps series CA, CPC
* Double-suction pumps series CDM/CDMV
* Multi-stage pumps series MMK/MML
* Large pumps series SP/SPV
* Specialized pumps series HLV/HLAV

Torishima HAV/HLAV are glandless (sealless) pump motor units for boiler circulating pump applications, where the pump and motor are integrated in a pressure-resistant housing.
The glandless design (no shaft seal) makes this pump optimal for pumping high temperature and high pressure liquids without any leakage at all.
The pump is driven by a high-performance three-phase induction motor (wet motor) manufactured by Torishima.

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