Nash Engineering Company was founded by Lewis H. Nash in USA in 1905 as a manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps. In the early days, Nash Engineering developed vacuum steam heating systems and vacuum sewage collection systems for many developing cities in the United States.

Siemens spun off the liquid ring pump and compressor business in 2000 and created elmo vacuum technology. In 2002, Nash Engineering merged with elmo vacuum technology to form Nash-elmo, combining two liquid ring vacuum pump technologies to become the world's largest manufacturer of liquid ring pumps and compressors.

In 2004, Gardner Denver acquired Nash-elmo and created Gardner Denver Nash Division. In 2020 Gardner Denver Nash, LLC merged with the Ingersoll Rand industrial division.

Nash Pumps include the following types,
* Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
* Oil-Sealed Vacuum Pumps
* Dry Vacuum Pumps & Systems
* Vacuum Booster Pumps & Systems

Nash medium volume liquid ring vacuum pumps, such as the Model 2BE1, offer a powerful range of small to medium single stage vacuum pumps for a variety of applications in the oil, gas and chemical industries. They are available in stainless steel for harsh applications and environments where hygiene is critical.

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