Headquartered in Seattle, and established in 1995, International Pump Manufacturing (IPM) is a leading manufacturer of air-operated piston pumps, providing durable, reliable piston pump solutions for industrial applications.

IPM has a wealth of experience and is committed to providing customers with quality products and services, with a sales network all over the world. The main products of IPM in the United States include but are not limited to: IPM transfer pump, IPM piston pump, IPM cylindrical mixer, etc.

IPM Piston Air Pumps include the following series,
* IP-01 (1:1 ratio)
* IP-02 (2:1 ratio)
* IP-05 (5:1 ratio)
* IP-10 (10:1 ratio), etc.

IPM's IP-01 series pumps are general purpose transfer pumps designed for use with a wide variety of materials. The air driven motors are designed with simplicity in mind and can be used for years in less than ideal conditions.
They can be applied to transfer from barrel to daily can, supply of low viscosity spray adhesive, air spray, painting machinery, etc.

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