Founded in 1934, Armstrong provides customers with high-tech products in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Today, it operates eight manufacturing facilities on four continents and is a world-renowned leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of intelligent fluid flow devices.

Armstrong Pumps include the following ,
* Commercial pumps such as Design Envelope 4300 Pumps, 4030 End Suction Base Mounted Pumps
* Residential pumps such as Design Envelope Compass H Circulators
* Fire pumps such as 4700 Vertical MultiStage Pumps

Design Envelope 4300 pumps are used for HVAC system pumping and control, general purpose pumping, industrial/process pumping and control (water or glycol based) and more.

This series saves installation space and has excellent energy performance. Compared to comparable conventional constant speed or variable speed pump units, this series saves energy up to 75%.
It provides remote service over the Internet to increase reliability and maintain peak performance throughout the pump's life cycle.

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