Toyo Denki Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Japan in 1948, and Toyo Pumps is its subsidiary. Toyo Pumps is a pioneer in manufacturing submersible pumps for many heavy duty applications to handle sludge, wastewater, gravel and slurries. Its various pumps are suitable for broad applications such as construction, steel plants, chemical plants, ceramic plants, concrete plants, mining, dredging or dredger loading.

Toyo Pumps include the following series,
* Toyo submersible Agitator Sand Pump such as Series DP, ET
* Toyo submersible Agitator Sand Pump (Hydraulic Drive) such as Series TOF/TO
* Toyo Vertical submersible Agitator Sand Pump such as Series DV/DVF
* Toyo submersible Axial Slurry Pump such as Series SR

The DP (2.2kW-11kW) series is a small type Toyo submersible agitator sand pump with cutter fan (agitator) and high durability. A slow motor (6P) is also available on some models in this series.

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