The Australian Macnaught company was established in 1948 and since its inception it has been designing and manufacturing quality fluid measurement, fluid transfer and lubrication equipment for the global agricultural, automotive, industrial, mining and transportation industries. Macnaught designs and manufactures world-class products with the pursuit of excellence as one of their main goals.

Macnaught maintains their market leadership through strategic distribution, innovative design, technical expertise and dedicated staffs. Macnaught's main products are Macnaught flowmeter, Macnaught butter pump, Macnaught electric oil pump, Macnaught electric fuel pump, Macnaught grease gun, etc.

Macnaught Pumps include the following types,
* Macnaught Oil Pumps including T Series Economical Air Operated Oil Pumps, R Series High Flow Air Operated Oil Pumps
* Grease Pumps including P Series pneumatic grease pumps, MINILUBE® and SUPERLUBE manual grease pumps

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