SPERONI s.p.a. was founded in Italy in 1946, focusing on the field of electric pumps. Its founder is Mr. GIUSEPPE SPERONI, who realized the importance of mechanical applications to serve the agricultural world in an era when the economy was mainly based on agriculture. So he continued investing in his staff and equipment and made his company expand quickly.

Each SPERONI product is carefully designed and undergoes strict technical inspection before leaving the factory. From the procurement of raw materials to the final product, SPERONI conducts methodical and continuous control and testing at every stage of production to ensure the high quality of the product.

SPERONI Pumps include the following models,
* Volumetric pumps including model KPM, KFM
* Centrifugal pumps including model CM 22/32, CM 35/53
* Self-priming pumps including model CAM 40/66, CAM 100/130
* Gasoline water pump including model CMA 25-4T, CMA 50
* Professional submersible pump including model ASM, ECM-D, etc.

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