Founded in 1968, Shurflo was the first pump company in North America that got ISO-9001 certification. The product line covers marine pumps, RV pumps, agricultural pumps, food grade pumps, industrial pumps, etc. Shurflo is currently a subsidiary of Pentair.

Since its inception, Pentair Shurflo has been a leader in reliability in the RV, marine and industrial spraying markets. Pentair Shurflo manufactures quality water pump systems to meet the needs of the recreational vehicle industry.

Shurflo Pumps include the following types,
* General Purpose Pumps
* Circulation Pumps
* Fresh Water Pumps
* Washdown Pumps

Pentair Shurflo SLV Fresh Water Pump, this compact automatic demand pump offers durability and reliability, ideal for small volume, intermittent duty applications. Its self-priming ability is up to 2.5 vertical feet while providing 1.0 GPM at open flow.

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