Tuthill Corporation is a century-old family-owned business and multinational group company headquartered in Chicago, USA. Its business scope covers vacuum systems and fans, media pumps, plastics, and fuel transfer systems.

The American Tuthill brand began in 1892, when James B. Tuthill began the business of producing and selling common bricks to the Chicago building companies that powered the city's rapid growth.

Tuthill's main products are Tuthill transfer pump, Tuthill lubrication pump, Tuthill gear pump, Tuthill micro magnetic coupling pump, Tuthill circulating pump and other related products.

Ingersoll Rand Inc acquired the assets of Tuthill Corp's Pump Group in 2021.

Tuthill Pumps include the following series,
* Lubrication Pumps including 1000 Series Lubrication Pumps, C Series Circulation Pumps
* Magnetically Coupled Pumps including D Series Pumps, T Series Pumps
* Pumps Powered By ORBIS TM Technology including D Series
* Process Pumps including GlobalGear® Process Pumps

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