GemmeCotti has been producing pumps, filters and compressors for toxic and dangerous substances since 1992. The company has gradually gained a reputation in the market due to its superior product quality and customized services.

Italian GemmeCotti pumps have been successfully used in many different industries including: chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, electroplating, printed circuits, electronics, photography, military, water treatment, biotechnology, paper mills, textiles, sugar mills, food processing, etc.

GemmeCotti Chemical Pumps include the following types,
* Mag-drive pumps
* Vertical pumps
* Mechanical seal pumps
* Liquid ring vacuum pumps
* Air operated diaphragm pumps

The magnetic drive centrifugal pump series HTM PP/PVDF is made of thermoplastic materials (polypropylene and PVDF) for highly corrosive liquids. The innovative magnetic drive system enables HTM PP/PVDF type pumps to reduce the risk of loss and maintenance costs.
Note that the pumped liquid must be clean and free of suspended solids.

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