Bartels was established in 1996 and is located in Dortmund, Germany. It focuses on the research and development and application of microsystem technology. Its products include microvalves, micropumps, etc., which have been widely used in medicine, engineering, consumer goods and other fields.

Piezoelectric micropumps are a relatively forward-looking field. Most companies are currently in the laboratory stage, while Bartels has had a very mature technology in this field, and has achieved mass production of micropumps.

Bartels Micropumps mp6 series include the following types,
* mp6-liq
* mp6-gas
* mp6-gas+

The micropumps in the Bartels mp6 series are miniature double-diaphragm pumps with a space-saving and energy-saving construction. All mp6 micropumps are capable of pumping liquids, mixtures and gases.
The mp6-liq micropump can be used to pump liquids and gases. And mp6-gas and mp6-gas+ are specialists for gas promotion.

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