Alldos is one of the famous German metering pump brands, founded in 1968. Alldos main products include: Alldos metering pump, Aldos hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, Alldos fluid pump, Alldos digital metering pump, Alldos filter, Alldos dosing pump, etc.

Its products are widely used in accurate, reliable and economical dosing of liquids and pharmaceuticals in water supply, sewage treatment, petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, electronics, steel, food and other industries.

In 2005, Alldos joined the Grundfos Group. Grundfos integrated the Alldos metering business. All products will be part of the same brand and marked Grundfos/Alldos.

Grundfos/Alldos pumps include the following series,
* Digital Metering Pump such as DDA series
* Mechanical Metering Pump such as DMX series
* Water Pump such as Diaphragm Pump DME series, etc.

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