JABSCO is part of Xylem. JABSCO is the world's leading manufacturer of products for the recreational marine market including water systems, engine cooling pumps, searchlights and marine pollution systems. JABSCO also supplies industrial pumps for the hygiene sector, fluid transfer in chemical processing, laboratories, paint processing, coatings and construction.

JABSCO Pumps include the following series,
* 11860 1" Electro-Magnetic Clutch Pump
* 11810 Bronze AC Motor Pump Unit
* 17830 Series Reversible Bronze DC Pump
* 18680 Series Light Duty Vane Pump
* 28140 Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pump

JABSCO's self-priming, dry-running multi-diaphragm PAR-MAX pumps are compact, quiet and durable. Its speed of self-priming is fast, and the pump is not damaged by dry running. They come with an inlet strainer to stop solids large enough to interfere with the pump's valves.

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