Japan TLV Company is the world's professional steam equipment manufacturer, established in 1950. In 1976 TLV released the CP condensate recovery pump, and in 1992 GT/GP Series PowerTrap® Condensate Recovery Pumps were released.

TLV's main products are fluid measurement and control equipment such as steam traps, condensate pumps, and pressure reducing valves. TLV has more than 100 distributors in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions.

From its establishment to today, TLV has been committed to the research of steam pipeline energy saving, focusing on product quality and innovation.

TLV Pumps include the following models,
* Condensate Recovery Pumps including model CP-N, CP-S
* PowerTrap® Mechanical Pump with Built-in Trap including model GT5C, GT10
* PowerTrap® Mechanical Pump including model GP5C, GP10, etc.

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