Founded in 1989, CPS designs tools for professional service technicians. With the world's most comprehensive leak detection technology, smart diagnostic tools and proven maintenance solutions, CPS products have been ideal for workers since its inception.

The CPS products are widely used in the HVAC/R industry. Most of CPS's products are manufactured at its Hialeah, Florida facility. CPS invests in tools, equipment, technology and staffs to produce high quality electronic components and precision machined parts.

HVAC Vacuum Pumps include the following types,
* Pro-Set® Dual Stage Vacuum Pumps
* 2Pro-Set® Dual and Single Stage Compact Vacuum Pumps
* 3Pro-Set® Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

The Pro-Set has an expansive product line to fit almost any HVAC/R job. Innovative changes in vacuum cartridge design, materials, lubrication and cooling allow Pro-Set vacuum pumps to achieve deep vacuum performance ratings unmatched in the industry.

Pro-Set vacuum pumps are available in a variety of single- and dual-stage models with a variety of voltage, horsepower, and free air displacement (CFM) options, while being housed in standard or compact size housings to suit your work environment.

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