Founded in 1946, the German Wagner company is a multinational group company dedicated to the development, production and sales of surface coating equipment. As a leading manufacturer of powder coating and paint coating industry, Wagner Group has been committed to providing customers with coating systems and solutions.

The powder and paint spraying equipment produced by Wagner has the characteristics of high technical content and low production and operating costs. Its products have a high market share in countries around the world.

Wagner Pumps include the following types,
* Wagner piston pumps
* Wagner diaphragm pumps
* Wagner screw pumps

Wagner piston pumps can be used to handle viscous and highly viscous materials. The Puma 21-110 high pressure piston pump is manufactured in stainless steel and is suitable for AirCoat applications up to 168 bar and 6.6 L/min, for example, for multiple guns in flatbed machines.

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