RAASM (meaning Realizzazioni Artigiane Articoli Speciali Meccanici ) was established in Italy in 1975 to produce equipment for the automotive market. In the 1980s, RAASM began to develop fluid management equipment. Today, RAASM has achieved remarkable results in the field of lubrication and environmental protection equipment.

The main products of Italian RAASM include: RAASM diaphragm pump, RAASM pneumatic thin oil pump, RAASM grease pump, RAASM hose reel, RAASM refueling gun, RAASM grease gun, RAASM pneumatic grease pump, and RAASM reel.

RAASM Pumps include the following types,
* RAASM diaphragm pumps
* RAASM Industrial pneumatic piston pumps

1200 series industrial air-operated piston pumps for dispensing and conveying oils, greases and the like, even those with very high viscosity. The series is designed to be double acting, ensuring continuous and constant distribution. Long-lasting and reliable operation is guaranteed even under extreme environmental and operating conditions.

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