Ingersoll Rand 6661T3-3E9-C Pump

Ingersoll Rand 6661T3-3E9-C Pump

Ingersoll Rand 6661T3-411-C Pump

Ingersoll Rand 6661T3-411-C Pump

Ingersoll Rand 6661T3-3EB-C Pump

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A&S Pump Co.,Ltd is a global supplier of Ingersoll Rand6661T3-3EB-C Pump, Ingersoll Rand6661XX-C SeriesDiaphragm Pumps with low costs but long wear life.


Shell material: Polypropylene


Diaphragm: mountain road rubber


Ratio: 1:1


Flow rate: 378.5 LPM


Displacement per cycle: 2.54l


Pressure: 8.3bar


Fluid inlet: 1-1 / 2 ′ a.n.s.i/din flange


Fluid outlet: 1-1 / 2 ′ a.n.s.i/din flange


Air inlet (female): 1 / 2-14 n.p.t.f. - 1


Dry suction height: 4.27M


Diameter of passable particles: 6.4mm


Weight: 28.1kgparts


Air line connection service pack * | service pack part number 66084-1


The service package includes Ingersoll Rand filter / regulator with pressure gauge, pipe nipple and a 5-foot air hose. Service pack | service pack part number 637118-c (air section)


Service pack part number 637165-xx (fluid section)


Flange connection service pack 1 service pack part number 67079 (for 1-1 / 2 "non metallic pumps)


For pumps with inlet / outlet flange manifolds. The service package complies with ANSI technical specifications.


The flange is made of glass filled polypropylene. Bolts, washers and nuts are stainless steel. The sealing gasket is 4401 Klinger synthetic fiber wrapped with nitrile rubber.




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