EVERDIGM Corp., (formerly HANWOO TNC) is a construction machinery supplier in Korea, providing concrete pumps, hydraulic attachments, tower cranes, generators, rock drills, core drilling rigs, rock drilling tools and special vehicles (fire trucks).

In 1986 DAEWOO started a concrete pump business in Korea as a distributor. In 1994 HANWOO Company was established as a subsidiary of DHI (DAEWOO Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd). In 2001, the DAEWOO concrete pump truck division was transferred to HANWOO.

In 2007, HANWOO changed its name to EVERDIGM (short for "Everlasting Paradigm"), and since then, EVERDIGM has been expanding its business in a different product portfolio.

HANWOO concrete pumps include the following types,
* Boom pump such as model ECP63CX
* Trailer pump, such as model TP1009
* Line pump, such as model ELP1212, etc.

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